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Hermela Transport is always capable of transporting vehicles from A to B, this may be a small vehicle or an extremely large vehicle and everything in between, of course. As long as there are wheels below, we arrange and safely take care of transport throughout the Benelux. In addition, we are able to transport for you tractors, semi-trailers or containers. Our customer base ranges from dealers, rental companies, car companies, but also many individuals. Your vehicle is transported by us to the desired destination. This means simply that you as a customer determines where the vehicle should be retrieved and should be delivered. To learn more about our services or if you would like more information about a transport request please feel free to contact us. Our employees at Hermela Transportation will provide correct and quick service. Give us a call now at +31 626370006

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HERMELATRANSPORT is one of the successful company when it comes to exporting an automobile, Truck Heads, Busses from around European Countries to its destination. Our service ranges from helping national and international buyers to successfully purchase their automobile within the European countries and ship it overseas to organizing a shipment that move from the EU to an international destination especially Africa. For international buyers we are the bridge that can organize the entire process which includes the purchase of the vehicle, transportation to the port or our loading facility, handling of all documents, loading of the vehicle and shipping out the vehicle to the port of destination.

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